Voice Talent

Bilingual Voice Talent Sample #1

Meet Luissa…she is one of TSI’s talented customer service representatives that support our partner clients through inbound and outbound call disposition. She has bilingual fluency in both English and Spanish which provide TSI’s clients comfort in knowing that their is no language barrier when interacting with domestic customers.

Bilingual Voice Talent Sample #2

Meet Gloria…she is a member of the TSI team that is charged with driving lead generation and appointments through outbound calling efforts. Her language fluency includes English, Spanish and Portuguese. She is a valued resource by delivering multilingual services.

Bilingual Voice Talent Sample #3

Meet Alejandra…she is a member of TSI’s customer service team who represents our partner clients to facilitate inbound customer service related calls for their customers. She has multilingual fluency in English, Spanish and French with a rooted understanding of client retention.

Bilingual Voice Talent Sample #4

Meet Hector…as a member of the Project Management team here at TSI, Hector is tasked with providing a dynamic customer experience when engaging with the customers of our domestic clients. Hector has lived and studied in the U.S. as well as abroad with language fluency in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French. He is a key leader within the inbound and outbound call center.

Bilingual Voice Talent Sample #5

Meet Cristiano…as a member of the outbound sales team with a dedicated effort in increasing results for our client partners, Cristiano has proven to be a talented asset to our organization. His daily tasks revolve around making outbound calls to prospective customers for which his goal is to attain qualified appointments as his results matrix. Cristiano is fluent is both English and Spanish with a college degree earned in the U.S.

Bilingual Voice Talent Sample #6

Meet Amanada…a member of the inbound sales team here at TSI. She is tasked with handling calls from client customers who are direct ordering products from an online or phone based system. She is responsible for ensuring a smooth customer experience that includes clear communication from order to implementation. She is bilingual in both English and Spanish.