Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO)


ITO or Information Technology Outsourcing involves any tasks or functions that relate to computers and the internet. More commonly, the outsourced services might include web hosting both for websites and data storage, software and database creation, server setup and maintenance, or file recovery in the event of disaster such as fire or flood. Today, companies that undertake these tasks will most likely be based offshore. Consequently, there are plenty of excellent reasons why information technology outsourcing is widespread today.

Companies have also found that when they outsourced certain functions, they were able to go to market quicker with new product launches. By outsourcing, the team is ready-made and can support and assistance the main team. Precious time is not wasted trying to attract the right people, keeping them motivated, organizing a hierarchy, and setting up physical resources. Information technology outsourcing usually means that a team can be brought up to speed very quickly and can jump right into the task at hand. It also means that the main company may now have access to both experts and software that may have been too expensive otherwise. They now have the best of both worlds. Excellent staffing without the ancillary costs.