Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)


BPO is a key enabler of improved business performance as measured by a company’s ability to consistently outperform peers through business and economic cycles. For our clients, the benefits of BPO include renewed focus on core capabilities, faster time-to-market, streamlined processes, movement from a fixed to variable cost structure, access to global sourcing capabilities, and creation of proprietary best operating practices and technology, all of which contribute to increased customer satisfaction and shareholder returns for our clients.

We plan to achieve our objectives by capitalizing on the favorable trends in the global outsourcing environment, which we believe will include more companies that want to:

What we did
  • Adopt or increase BPO services;
  • Consolidate outsourcing providers with those that have a solid financial position, capital resources to sustain a long-term relationship and;
  • Modify their approach to outsourcing based on total value delivered versus the lowest priced provider; and
  • Integrate front and back office processes more efficiently;
  • Deepen and broaden relationships with existing clients;
  • Win business with new clients and focusing on targeted high growth industry verticals;

Global demand for high quality third-party business process services is being fueled by the trend of integrating front and back-office processes to provide an enhanced customer experience. Companies have realized that integrated business processes allow customer needs to be resolved more accurately and efficiently, resulting in higher customer satisfaction, loyalty and sales. By providing a high-quality customer experience, companies can improve their competitive position and continue to grow and retain their customer base.