Nearshore Outsourcing In Nicaragua: A Win-Win Opportunity For All Outsource Customers


Let’s face it the digital world created many career opportunities for specialists in all fields. The global way of working over the Internet and making the most out of a 24 hour day is additionally something that many people see as an advantage which is how the world of outsourcing began. Basically, outsourcing is a process of obtaining services from outside or foreign suppliers. Ideally, these services are priced below the standard rate in the specific country that is outsourcing them which is a great advantage to the outsourcer to earn and capitalize on the services in long term. Over the past decade, a lot of outsourcing suppliers have been penetrating into Asia as the leading country in the offshore solutions. However, as of recently, the world started shifting towards Central (Latin) America- and countries like Nicaragua. Wondering why?

Nearshore Outsourcing: Client Partnerships And Customer Engagement

There are two types of outsourcing – nearshore and offshore. And while both of these types require attention to detail and a high degree of collaboration, nearshore outsourcing is the model that is the best one for long-term projects and maximizing customer interactions. That is how Central America has won the hearts of many outsource buyers looking for the best teams they can outsource their duties to and build success in the long term by having a team they could rely on. Still, not every country lives up to the expectations of the modern workforce, particularly not when it comes to the new trends, skills and requirements that are needed in the marketplace. Here we introduce Nicaragua as one of the very few countries that prides itself on the skilled labor force with affordable labor rates. The education system in Nicaragua has blossomed after the ten-year civil war that ended in 1989. Ever since that point in history the elementary and middle schools have been teaching their students about the importance of the digital mediums and how many opportunities are out there waiting for them. Additionally, the government has placed a heavy emphasis on companies that are investing on the local economy to provide these services to international clients. Their support has been instrumental in growing the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry in Nicaragua.

The Benefits That Come As A Result Of The Outsourcing Initiative In Nicaragua

Because of the democracy and the government’s mission to focus on outsourcing jobs, Nicaragua has been seeing the great results and many aggressive incentives to attract suppliers by the government itself. In the words of Matt Reeser President and CEO of Tri Source International and a key opinion leader in the industry:”The main benefits aside from the skilled labor and their affordability is fact that Nicaragua’s workforce is English-speaking and therefore easier to collaborate with. This is a result from the English-language fluency that Nicaragua as a country has established helping the outsourcing suppliers recruit talent. ” The bilingual initiative, fiber optics and ease of doing business should also be on the list of benefits for outsourcing buyers looking for a great nearshore location. Nicaragua is also in the Central Time Zone (CST) which makes it ideal for real-time communication and redundant internet speeds at affordable costs.

A Final Word

So far the outsourcing initiative in Nicaragua has attracted a lot of outsourcers and many companies interested in both offshoring and nearshoring. However, nearshoring seems to always be the best idea mostly because of the low costs, similar time zones and proximity to the US and International markets.

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