Matt Reeser

matt-reeserPresident and CEO
Matt Reeser has distinguished himself as a successful business entrepreneur, specializing in connecting domestic based U.S. companies with emerging global markets to outsource their corporate business functions via strategically located nearshore sites.Matt serves as President and CEO of Tri Source International. LLC (TSI) which is headquartered in Valencia, CA with offices in Managua, Nicaragua. In his role, Matt establishes and executes the strategy of connecting TSI’s client partners with it’s dynamic workforce located in Central America. This vision is met with overseeing the day to day operations both domestically and internationally to ensure TSI is always positioned to deliver and exceed on client expectations.Matt has solid academic preparation, holding a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Phoenix, with a specialty in International Business; he has a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administration from Wingate University (North Carolina). While in school, Matt was a scholarship football player who has always valued the life lessons learned from that experience. He has been a presenter on various specialized topics at the University level in the U.S. focusing on emerging markets, cultural diversity integration and nearshore development and implementation.Matt has been engaged in the Central American region specifically Nicaragua since meeting his wife 20 years ago while in school. Since his first trip to Managua in 2000, Matt became fascinated with the country, culture, people and the rich available workforce. Soon after Matt began establishing the framework to launch a company that would establish a value proposition for domestic companies through competitive cost structures while improving the quality of life through job creation in Nicaragua.

In his limited spare time, Matt enjoys being with his wife and two kids age 13 and 10 as well as playing golf, traveling and coaching.