Karen Gardner

IMG_4993VP of Business Development
Karen has many years of experience in business development, human resources and training. She brings vitality, professionalism, warmth and a mindset of service and advocacy to her work with both prospective and active clients. Karen’s primary focus is to build awareness about TSI’s unique value proposition which set us part from other business process outsourcing firms as well as develop and maintain relationships with current and past clients. As an advocate of the company’s vision to enrich the spirit and performance of organizations by creating thriving organizational cultures while building lasting partnerships that are met with integrity, value and results allow Karen to find her work rewarding and fulfilling.

Prior to joining TSI, Karen over 10 years working in talent acquisition and executive staffing where she held roles as a Business Development Manager, Training Manager and Executive Consultant. In addition to her love for reading good books, Karen enjoys spending quality time with her family.