What is Nearshoring?

Nearshoring is a form of outsourcing arrangement performed in roughly the same time zone with less than one days travel to reach the nearshore destination. Examples for the United States include domestic, Canada, Mexico, Latin America, Central America and South America. Nearshoring is an effective way to manage a working partnership between company and vendor for the most optimal results while maintaining a cost effective way to reduce overhead and increase profits to your organization.

Who should consider outsourcing?

Whether you are a small business seeking cost effective ways to enhance your brand, a medium size firm looking to focus on growth verticals or a large company seeking ways to reduce overhead and increase shareholder value, outsourcing is a great way to accomplish these goals. Every company can benefit from outsourcing in many ways with the right partner. TSI is committed to being that partner who can meet the demands of any business large and small.

What types of job functions should be outsourced?

Outsourcing has no limitations. Every company can benefit from sending any job function abroad to reduce overhead, increase productivity and increase revenues. The most common job functions that are outsourced are inbound and outbound call center services, appointment setting, customer service, debt collections, reservation agents, CRM management, telesales, reception services, transcription and so much more. At TSI, we can evaluate your company and provide a cost/benefit analysis specific to your core business functions to determine how we can best partner together.

What are the costs for outsourcing and how will I save money?

To have an employee for any organization is a costly expense. When you hire someone for a specific job duty you are not only paying a salary or hourly wage but you will also have costs relating to medical and dental benefits, payroll and tax responsibilities, worker’s compensation insurance, retirement expenses etc. These add up quickly not only for enterprise level companies but also for the small business owner. When a company elects to outsource the cost savings is immediate. Here at TSI, we have a flat monthly rate for full time services of our dedicated professionals. These rates are a fraction of the monthly and annual costs domestically. When you evaluate current employee expenditures to outsourcing with TSI, in many cases you will see reduced costs reaching levels of 50-70% or more to your bottom line. This is a significant statistic worth learning more about!

How soon can I have service set up?

TSI has a very streamlined system in place to get professionals prepared and deployed for your next campaign. After an initial needs assessment meeting, we will begin to work with you to understand fully what job functions you would like to have outsourced. Once you have outlined your time frame and quantity of staff needed, we will begin to prepare our agents for the upcoming partnership. We will implement all provided training tools and parameters to our team members who will be working on your behalf to fully prepare them for the launch of this relationship. Depending on the complexity of your requirements we can usually have our team of professionals ready within a few days.

How is the quality of the talent labor pool in Nicaragua?

Nicaragua is nestled in the heart of Central America. Just a short 2 1/2 hour flight to Miami, 3 hours to Houston and 5 hours to Los Angeles, Managua boasts some of the best skilled talent both educationally and linguistically in Latin America. When you select an outsourcing partner it is important to understand who will be representing your company, brand and customers and how effective they will be at doing this. With over 90% of our overseas staff having completed their higher education in the United States, our agents effortlessly provide a very comfortable communication experience for your customers.

What are the terms of your service?

When you work with TSI for your business process outsourcing needs you are in control of the partnership. Our sole purpose is to be an extension of your company providing the needed job functions of your organization with all management decisions in your hands. Our service offerings are constructed with that principle in mind. We offer flexible project specific campaigns as well as longer term extended working relationships based on the needs of each individual client. You choose the duration right for your company and we will focus on creating and maintaining a dynamic customer experience for your clients!